Saving money through bulk buying

Saving money through bulk buying

Saving money through bulk buying

Whether you’re running a business or managing a household, saving money on regular purchases is very important, and buying in bulk is one effective strategy for doing so.

Being a great option for larger families or groups of roommates, buying in bulk saves time and money for the consumer long-term

Buying food and household products in bulk is a great way to reduce your shopping bill and ensure you have the ingredients you need when cooking at home. The time you save on shopping each week gives you more time to plan and prepareyour meals, giving you peace of mind, healthier meals and eliminating the need to buy takeaways.

Another great advantage is that you always have what you need. How many times have you started a recipe only to discover that you’re missing a vital ingredient? It saves you trips to the shops and money on freight for deliveries.

One of the things humans cannot do without is food and buying consumables in bulk is one of the most commonly shared frugal strategies, and for good reason. Also, buying large quantities of a particular item, such as buying diapers in bulk, can save you a lot of money.

Buying in bulk makes it easier to handle emergencies. Having a large quantity of basic toiletries and food items on hand means that in an emergency situation, you’re prepared for the worst. Many people stock bulk supplies in their storerooms for preparedness reasons.

Bulk buying allows for low-cost because mostly prices of bulk items are cheaper than buying in bits. If you like to prepare meals in advance, bulk purchasing can make that process a lot easier and cheaper. Buying a gallon of oil and a bag of rice, for example, makes it easier and more cost-efficient to prepare any rice dish for the Family for a month and more.

Some food items are perishable and when bought in bulk can make one loose money. However, there are soo many ways in buying and preserving perishable items, for instance instead of buying fresh peppers, tomatoes and veggies on daily basis one can buy them for a week or two and by so doing save money for fuel or transportation and time. Alternatively, you can blend, cut,pack in storage bowls and freeze them.

Items bought in bulk are cheaper than buying same item thrice in a week. For instance if a cartoon of carnation milk cost GH¢75.00 ie 24 per pack and a single one at a nearby shop cost GH¢4.5, then certainly its very expensive to buy GH¢4.5 everyday or everyother day @ GH¢108 for 24 pack of milk.

Some items to buy in bulk include:

• Toiletories

• Rice

• Oil

• Detergents

• Canned Foods (Tin tomatoes, tin fish and miced meat)

• Diapers.

• Milk

• Sea foods (Because they can be frozen)

• Poultry products (chicken, meat, etc )

The list goes on and on according to individual eating preference.

When you are comparing the per kg price, the larger size is more cost effective, and therefore by spending more upfront, you save in the long term.

Here are our four most important tips to help get you started and make the most out of your bulk buying!

• Don’t buy an item you haven’t tried before in bulk

Before you buy a couple of kilos of a product you have never tried before, it is best to buy a smaller pack and ensure it suits your taste or works well in your home. Otherwise, you may be left with an item that sits in your kitchen for months, creating food waste and taking up space.

• Split bulk buying with others

If you want to start buying bulk but not confident that you will be able to use the entire amount? Talk to your friends and family! Not only will you end up with a more suitable amount, but your loved ones will save too.

You can also start or join a buying group! Buying groups are a bunch of individuals who join together to purchase items. This gives them the ability to bulk buy at wholesale prices, providing benefits to their members, both socially and financially. Zybamall proudly serves over 1,000 people by grouping them according to their needs, contact us ( 0249842536) to find out more about split bulk buying!

• Don’t overdo it

While it might be tempting to grab that 50L pail of grougnut paste, ask yourself, “Am I really going to use that??” You don’t want to buy in bulk just to end up with the “bulk” of it in the trash. Stick to buying things you know you or your family will eat.

Also, take into consideration how much space you have to store food in your home.

• Store your groceries correctly

It’s important to store your bulk food items correctly to ensure they stay fresh for as long as possible and also avoid insect infestations.

It’s advisable to transfer some items as soon as possible into an airtight glass, plastic containers and polybags or metal containers – don’t forget to label them!


Are you ready to try out bulk buying or Split Bulk Buying?

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