You’re an orphan because you are totally disregarded when it comes to any employment opportunities.

OPHANNED GRADUATES -Abubakr Musah Yenidahit of ITN
You’re an orphan even when you know you have parents. You’re an orphan because you are totally disregarded when it comes to any employment opportunities.

GES has announced recruitment for Graduate Teachers. Something all graduates have been anxiously waiting for. They trooped to the internet cafés. People didn’t take the trouble to read the CRITERIA as they were desperately thinking of APPLICATION only for their hopes to be dashed against the wall. Though many went through but with little hope.

The Ongoing recruitment of 6,500 teachers is a good news but there are questions that beg for answers.

Firstly, why did the GES/MoE decide to exclude diploma graduates?

Secondly, did NTC set separate Licensure exams questions for Degree students and Diploma students? Didnt they all pass the same standard test?

Thirdly, why did they give the opportunity to Diploma graduates from colleges this very year but decide to sideline those from universities?

Furthermore, why did the MoE look on when they knew that the new requirement is Degree but universities are still running Diploma programmes in Education?

Why do you allow a programme that its products are deemed not fit for employment to be run and you turn around to say evasively that, the graduates are “misfit” for employment?

To my best of knowledge, every country produces human resource that they need, but in our case, we’re doing the direct oposite.

It’s under the supervision of MoE and National Accreditation Board that ALL programmes that align to the visions and goals of the nation is ran. Was there not a way to systematically phase out diploma like they did to Cert “A” and “B” programmes without causing frustrations and gnashing of teeth in the system?

What happened to the concept of “change is gradual”? What does the GES now expect these Diploma holders to do with their Certificates when they have thrown a caution to the wind that any SERIOUS educational institution should only accept Degree/ Bachelor certificate?

Why do we continue to raise the bar but won’t level the grounds? Was that the promise when the Licensure Exams was introduced ? What about those who graduated last year, last two- three years but weren’t absorbed and have found themselves among their juniors this year too? Wasn’t their certificate worthy last year like their counterparts? is it fair for them to be seen as ” worthless ” when through no making of theirs, their cert has been deemed “expired” in November?

It’s just mind-boggling that whilst Diploma students were posted this very year, the varsity has been classified “unqualified ” yet there are other institutions who have just churned out more graduates with Diploma and they are comfortably waiting for employment. Are the varsities’ Diploma different from theirs? What of the last batch of Diploma students from the CoE waiting to be employed next year? What will be their use then? Do you send someone who’s “unfit” to the classroom to teach kids as a Service Personnel but when is time for he/she to be employed, you say he’s unqualified?

The plight of the University trained teachers continue even when an announcement has been made for recruitment. The Whom-you-know syndrom has started. “Connections” has become the order of the day. Nepotism, favouritism counts. You know the real country you’re in when someone’s party card weighs than all your certificates put together right from the Basic School to the First Class in tertiary!

The survival of the fittest is unreal to you till you’re asked to table GHC5000.00 -7000.00 before you’re considered. When the unemployed backlogs are overwhelming, the bigg fishes swallow the tiny and vulnerable ones to survive.

I knew from the blast of the whistle that only a handful of people will be picked. I won’t be surprised if 1000 slot has already been reserved for party folks, another 1000 for families and friends, 1000 for religious and tribes men and 500 for ” big men”.
This is the society we live in.

Ironically, when ALL these are done, the leaders knowing some of those they’ve sent to the classrooms are square pegs in round holes, quickly drop off their wards at the entrance of a private school to be taught by an SHS graduate and “unfit” Diploma holder. Interesting!

I may not be directly affected but the Akans have a saying that, ” when your brother is attacked by a beast, don’t say get off from him but rather get off from us, for when he’s done with him, you’re next”.
I repeat, the last stanza of the nation’s anthem wasn’t coined for nothing.
“…so help us God”.

Abubakr Musah Yenidahit
FB:Mambey Bugre Yenifahit

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