You can’t do Masters Degree in specific subjects areas with the 3 semester sandwich top-up

You can't do Masters Degree in specific subjects areas with the 3 semester sandwich top-up

You can’t do Masters Degree in specific subjects areas with the 3 semester sandwich top-up but there are masters courses you can do with it.

Let’s get to the bottom of this discussion.

Fact is, the course you did at SHS limits you to the courses you can read for at the University for your first degree /Bachelor’s Degree. The entry requirements for the various courses should give you a clue.

Again, it get narrower when you are climbing further. The field you chose for your Bachelor’s Degree/ first degree determines the field you can read for Masters. It’s either you compromise and do a course it would offer you or you take another bachelor’s degree in a field related to the master course you are dying for.

Some universities do make adjust sometimes, but even it they would allow you, there are conditions attached. Either you need to have a good class division or you do some courses alongside which they think are needed but you lack.

Bachelor’s in Basic Education, no matter the electives you do, you can’t do Masters or education in Mathematics, social studies or science etc directly. If it is your dream to teach at the SHS and you think you can use this 3sem degree to read a subject specific area so that you can find your way there, I am sorry to burst your bubble.

But that doesn’t also mean that you can’t move away from the basic system. Your M. ED and M. Phil can push you to work in our district and regional directorate depending on your area of specialization and you can find yourself lecturing in the training colleges or universities if you have the chance.

What I mean to say here is that, after doing Bachelor’s in basic education be it JSH, primary or Early Childhood education, and you want to do Masters in specialized field such as the ones mentioned above, you need to do another Bachelor’s in a field related to it.

This is because, the higher course took their roots from the lower ones. You need those basics to be able to thrive in them. What do you think life would be for an SHS graduate who offer Technical or Business who has been admitted at the nursing training college. It would be hell. What about the fate of a Science student in Elective Literature class?

Check the universities websites and go through the entry requirements to familiarize yourself with the options available to you.
Life is full of choices. Make an informed one.

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