Yawa of The Day: Man Displays His Atopa Skills As He Chops Slay Queen Inside Swimming Pool Video Goes Viral

A fast trending video on social media has caused a stir and generated a lot of conversations among people.

Sexual immorality amongst the youth of today has been on the increase each passing day.

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We all know that sexual activities are done indoors and not outdoors for people to see.

However, in this generation the story is different. According to some information gathered, the unidentified man  met a pool party during the Easter Monday holiday.

Instead of them to find a room to do whatever they wanted to do, they could not control their sexual urges as they went ahead to do it inside the pool.

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Unfortunately for them, someone recorded them unware and share it on social media for the world to see.

We are sorry we can’t post the video here, However click on this link below to watch the video


Source: Pataapa.com

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