Why doesn’t Cristiano Ronaldo have any tattoos?.

Why doesn't Cristiano Ronaldo have any tattoos?.

Why doesn’t Cristiano Ronaldo have any tattoos?.Gunners fans must be patient and give Thomas a season to settle and for team to be built around him

This is the question many people especially football fans ask “Why do most famous Footballers have tattoos on their bodies but Cristiano Ronaldo don’t have?”.

From Messi to Ramos and the rest have tattoos on their bodies. People exactly expect Cristiano Ronaldo to also have tattoos since he is wealthy enough. But that isn’t the case, Ronaldo has solid reasons why he has no tattoo on his body.

According to Cristiano Ronaldo has no tattoo because he donates blood and bone marrow. Any one with a tattoo can not donate blood or bone marrow to any other person. So for Ronaldo to continuesly donating these things so as to help save lives, he has made up his mind not to have any tattoo on his body as compared to his football rivals such as Messi, Naymer among the rest.

CR7 often use his social media pages to educate people about the reasons why they should donate blood and bone marrow.

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