Whether literate or illiterate, get majority of your people to work – Sadick Adams Writes

Whether literate or illiterate, get majority of your people to work – Sadick Adams Writes

God bless Nana Aba Anamoah but see, this guy here, is one of the over six million active Ghanaian Youth without jobs. Over 65% percent of our population, representing 19.5 million people are below the age of 40 years.

If as a country, we will continue to drive past our most active labour force selling dog chains, Chinese made chewing gum and Italian painting on the streets, we are completely lost as people.

This biggest challenge we face now is JOBLESSNESS. Our leaders know and are aware. That is why they are able to bush over 1,000 people on a working day just to campaign and attend rallies.

No youth, gainfully employed will leave their job for three days attending rallies.

We continue to produce graduates who sit at home for many years without jobs. Some have taken undeserving jobs just to escape the embarrassment of sitting at home.

The god of every nation, is JOBS. Putting your people and land to full use and that will lead to the transformation of this country.

We can continue with the rhetorics but the evidence is clear. How many of your University and Polytechnic mates are still at home? How many of them have resorted to being Entrepreneurs without capital?

This guy in the video appears well trained, has invested his time and resources to educate himself, just to come back to the streets to sell Toilet Rolls. A University Graduate, and he is not alone. This should be a shame

Create JOBS. Decent Jobs. Undertake Massive employment schemes and vet your youth to work.

Stick to the low hanging fruits such as agriculture and agro processing. Start a massive industrialisation drive.

Get our youth employed and stop the rhetorics. Stop crisscrossing the country on poor dusty roads telling lies to hopeless people impoverished by your lack of will to provide them with better employment opportunities.

Almost 65 years and we still have our people travelling and dying in Mediterranean to do menial jobs.

Whether literate or illiterate, get majorly of your people to work.


Stop the rhetorics, create JOBS. It is a shame.
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