What’s YPa up to?

And Weytin Paa Bobo Do Am?

What’s YPa up to?

Understandably, we all expected an end of year banger when Mr. “No Prince” got more active on social media this December. The most noticeable detail with his activity on instagram and even whatsapp was a weekly post of a snippet with a Paa Bobo song; a different highlife tune each time. First, there was the “Osobrokye” snippet, then the “Efie mpo ni” one; and the latest, “Aba saa”. We eventually got the message through captions like “Do you like surprises?”, “Closer than you think” and “drops soon” embedded in the snippets.

The Hiphop/RnB artiste is obviously hinting at an incoming song in which he channels the late highlife legend and ace guitarist, Kweku Agyapong Danemah a.k.a Dr. Paa Bobo. So here’s what we’ve gathered so far.

The title being teased for the song currently is “We Move” and we wouldn’t be shocked to hear an instrumental riff from each of the Paa bobo songs he’s been spraying social media with. Unlike we suspected, “We Move” will drop in early 2021, best bet is within 2 weeks from now and will have a lot of melodic rap and quite the catchy chorus that plays heavy on the title. As to whether it will be a torch song(with the Osobrokye vibe) or tell a friendship betrayal story(with “Aba saa” and “Efie mpo ni”), 2021 will tell.

Just know that if these predictions turn out to be true, this site might enter the betting and lottery business.

Trivial fact: Dr. Paa Bobo died on December 28 2013 at age 62; exactly 7 years ago.

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