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2020 was quite a year. I must say it changed me. As to whether it made me better or worse, I’d let 2021 answer that. But one big lesson I took with me is, no condition, good or bad, is permanent. I’m paying wholesale price compared to those who lost their folks to death. In a way or the other, we all lost people. I won’t even refer to the heartbreaks. If tears were corrosive I’m pretty sure most of us would have gullies on our faces and if “backstabbing” was a literal word, many of us would be manure.

But the gloomy side of life might make us forget to count our blessings. Life is like a seesaw, the ups and downs will always come. It’s up to us to make the best out of every situation, whether up, or down. That’s why I fell in love with the term “we move”. It encompasses a lot. Many times it fueled me to keep moving. And I wish to encourage everyone, whether they’re smiling or crying now, to make the best out of the present, no matter how bright or dark it gets. It is to this aim that I made the song that drops tomorrow; “We Move”.

I often write my songs in character, picking a specific theme and sticking to it, be it romance or anthem. This time it’s not YPa ranting about some ex, it’s not YPa telling you how dhope his barz are. It’s Elvis telling you and everyone else that, yeah, we’ve been through a lot, whether it’s our messed up love life or our professional blunders, or the friends that left us behind, or merely being the black sheep. But the lovely thing about being human is, we take the punches, we power through, we wear a smile, and WE MOVE.

– Elvis “YPa” Owusu

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