Wendy Shay advocates for love in her latest music video, “Pray For The World”

Wendy Shay advocates for love in her latest music video, “Pray For The World”.

Award-winning Ghanaian female singer, Wendy Shay, has released a new song entitled “Pray For The World”. The music video has been made available on the Rufftown Records/Midas Touch Inc.

YouTube channel.
In her new song, Wendy Shay reminisced about the number of people who have crossed over to the land of the dead. She expressed sorrow over the rate at which people are departing from this world with every new day.

The singer entreated every Tom, Dick and Harry to spread love wherever they find themselves. She established the fact that we are one large family and called on every individual to show the utmost love and care to one another.

Just as the title of the song says, Wendy Shay beseeched everybody to “pray for the world”. The singer asked that we have each other’s back as tomorrow is never promised to any of us.

Wendy Shay had earlier disclosed that the late Ebony Reigns had released 2 singles at the time of her death which did not gain much popularity.

The new song, Pray For The World, was thus composed in loving memory of the late Rufftown Records signee, Ebony Reigns.
Wendy Shay made headlines after she posted a photo of herself dressed in a new fashion. She rocked a dreadlocks style and put on many earrings, among other things.

Her new style has been attributed to the late Ebony Reigns, for which reason she has received a heavy backlash from her many social media critics.

In a recent post she made on Instagram, Wendy Shay revealed the reason for her present look. She affirmed that her new style was inspired by the late singer, Ebony Reigns. The singer implored everybody to propagate her new song just as they had done with her photo.

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