VR/: Gas Explosion results in Injures in Ho

VR/: Gas Explosion results in Injures in Ho

VR/: Gas Explosion results in Injures in Ho

14 people get injured from a gas explosion at the Mighty Gas filling station in Ho, Volta Region.

The incident occurred as early as around 5:10am on Wednesday November, 11,2020.

According to sources, the situation was properly managed since the Ghana Fire Service responded quickly to the accident.

People injured which includes staff of the filling station,customers making purchases, among others,currently under treatment at the Ho Teaching Hospital.

Authorities said investigations are in process and Clearification on the root of the accident will be made known soon.

Mighty Gas Company Limited Management releases a statement which confirms the incidence at “LPG filling point at the Mighty Gas station in Ho.”

Excerpts from the statement:

“The cause of the explosion which injured a few persons, both staff and customers is unknown.”

“the fire which was restricted to the gas filling point alone due to the safety system put in place by the company was quickly curtailed by the fire service.

“The few casualties are currently receiving treatment at the Ho Teaching Hospital and no deaths recorded.”

“the cause of the accident is currently unknown and still under investigation by the Ghana Fire Service” and the company is “cooperating with the fire service and other regulatory bodies to ensure a thorough investigation.”

“sincerest sympathies to all injured and the general public” and wished the injured “a speedy recovery.”

Due to the accident, the Gas station has temporarily been closed for assessment repairs and improvement

“To ensure continuous safety of both staff and customers, the Gas station is closed temporarily to allow for thorough assessment, repairs and improvements.”

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