Video: Students who didn’t study science should not be allowed to become Nurses – DKB

Ghanaian comedian, Derrick Kobina Bonney, popularly called DKB has suggested science students should be allowed to become nurses instead non-science students.

He posted a video on social media, addressing the Nursing and Midwifery Council. In the video, he said it is just bad to allow people who didn’t offer science study nursing.

And as a result of this, more harm is being caused than good.

“I’m very angry this evening. I just got an information from a friend that he lost a relative because a nurse misdiagnosed or misappropriated a medication and he lost a loved one.”

”For how long are we going to tolerate these fraud nurses in the system? For how long are we going to tolerate these scam of nurses?” He questioned.

“At first, nursing used to be a noble profession that demanded Science students to pursue that field. When and how come all of a sudden, anybody with any background can do nursing because of private nursing schools?”

”All those things need to be scrapped where the Nursing and Midwifery council or Ministry of Health needs to wake up. What are Arts students doing in the nursing field?”

”A nurse with the background History, Governance, Economics. Are you going to economize in the hospital or you’re going to administer drugs where you need chemistry physics and biology”.

“The Nursing governing body, it should be a standard. If I’m not a Science student, you cannot pursue nursing.”

“It’s a field for Sciences so you need to have a Science background. If you disagree with me, how come is it that the doctoring field or becoming a doctor doesn’t demand Visuals Arts but Science students?”

”So how come the people who work hand in hand with doctors, we allow Arts students (people without Science background) to work with them in the hospital?.

“Nurses who fear blood, nurse who fear flesh tearing off. We need to standardize the system. If you’re not a Science student, you have no business doing anything in the nursing field. “Has nursing become this cheap?”

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