(Video): I will K!ll Fameye at Antoa, I Won’t Go To Court – Angrily Ogidi Brown

(Video): I will K!ll Fameye at Antoa, I Won’t Go To Court – Angrily Ogidi Brown

Ghanaian musician, Ogidi Brown has mentioned that he will kill Bogoso based artiste, Fameye at Antoa.

According to Ogidi Brown, the initial agreement between himself and Fameye has been breached by the ‘Nothin I Get”, and he will not waste his time to send Fameye to Court, but rather he will send him to Antoa to take his life.

Per a video circulating on the social media, Ogidi Brown claims that Fameye is going for shows from places to places, forgetting that he Fameye has to pay his part of their agreement.

He also he said that no Lawyer or the law court can help him win the case so, he will just send him; Fameye to Antoa.

He has also accused Fameye of bring a thief and Armed Robber.

According to Ogidi Brown, it was the same attitude Fameye exhibited when he was with Tetepa Music; Fameye’s then record label at Bogoso in the Western Region of Ghana.

He says, he doesn’t care if Ghanaians will stop listening to his songs after he has taken the life of Fameye.

There have been a serious beef between Fameye and his former Manager Ogidi Brown. Fameye left his record label without the expiring of thier agreed terms.

Fameye who has been in the mainstream for some years now came to the pipeline after he was signed by Ogidi Brown.

Ogidi Brown believes that Fameye has made a fool out of him, so he will take the life of Fameye even though he has the option to go to court.

Fameye also left his then record label, Tetepa Music with lots of misunderstanding and beefs. It was alleged that Fameye disrespected Tetepa and left the record label without his knowledge. It was also alleged that Fameye always go for programs and take the money he wil get without given a penny to Tetepa.

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