Unemployment woes of graduate teachers- Abubakr Musah Yenifahit writes.

Unemployment woes of graduate teachers- Abubakr Musah Yenifahit writes

Unemployment woes of graduate teachers- Abubakr Musah Yenifahit writes

The sweat is real, the pain can’t be measured, the stress is excruciating for anyone who has stayed in the house for a long time without having anything decent to do because the system has since outcasted you;you didn’t pass through the status quo that has been set since time immemorial. You’ve become a nightmare to your parents, you’ve become a scare-monger to your folks and buddies. You sleep in the night and you don’t need an alarm because your troubles alone would wake you up. You don’t have anywhere to turn to because every institution you turn to want to make a chattel slave outta you because they see hunger and desperation in you. You’re probably not asking much but want to be paid a minimum wage set by the NLC and be a “nice” slave. The system is crooked, you must pay your way up to the top, you don’t get recognize if you’re not the highest bidder and your cert is useless when it’s paired against another’s party card, father’s influence and “connection “. Where lies your fate and hope then?

The government is concerned with pleasing few people WHEN that’s what would keep the masses quite. The gov’t is comfortable with pursuing populist agenda that would keep them in power rather economical & human-driven forces.

Right from basic schools, the gov’t isn’t interested in employing anyone coming from the varsities, understandable! SHS too, it has become a problem because the gov’t is waiting for those with lower cert to go to these same varsities YOU attended to get higher qualifications and be employed rather you being sought after.

So basically, the graduate teachers are wiped and sidelined in every facet of employment opportunities. You’re not considered at the Basic Level and at the SHS level too, your colleagues holding lower qualifications are being waited to upgrade themselves to fill in that vacancies. Tell me how you still stay optimistic!

No one has ever asked for preferential treatment and I’d be wicked to prefer having a source of livelihood to seeing a brother die from starvation. We ALL can’t troop to the same institution, come out with same qualifications and look up to the government.

Our crime and naivety has really shown us how some people, depending on their status of attaining training/education, party affiliations and how “deep” your pocket is, really shows the extent to which you’re a Ghanaian. Education isn’t for the poor but if you try, life of debt is what you’ve in store.

Really tell me how you stay strong, optimistic and hopeful? The last stanza of the National Anthem wasn’t well coined for nothing.

“…so God help me”
Abubakr Musah Yenifahit

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