Two Dates or More Help Always

Two Dates or More Help Always

Please drink some water! We are often swayed to believe we do not need water in our bodies. From the heat of the sun to the heat of our rooms some people refuse to take in some water. Most of us forget to even drink up to take in a 500ml bottle of water. Drinking water is a challenge for most people nowadays as we forget it helps cool our dry throat, our skin, our digestive system and our bodies as a whole.

Sweet fleshy dates
Dates really help, those sweet fleshy fruits, eating one or two from time to time increases your water intake. The weather conditions have adverse effects on our health, like cracked, wrinkly or weak skin and even our hair and skin , affecting their growth. Dates even help to Lowe cholesterol and a good remedy for those who want to maintain healthy weight.
Remember to add a date or two to your food chart. It’s better to take it in the morning or afternoon, to increase your water intake to help your body in a million ways unknown.
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