The system is built such that, people with talents, training, skill and even graduates are made to think they’d not make it in life

The system is built such that, people with talents, training, skill and even graduates are made to think they'd not make it in life

The system is built such that, people with talents, training, skill and even graduates are made to think they’d not make it in life if they don’t tie their destiny to that of a politician and a party.

People have fallen for the deep-seated lie that, having the requisite training and education is not enough to secure you an employment unless you align and dedicate and worship a party and its leadership.

And the even in that, competition is such keen one will have to go extra length to exhibit the extent they can go to “die” for the party or political leader.

Who insults best on social media, who attacks best, who defends best, who trolls best, who’s able to dig private affairs of opponents best, who can lie best etc.

You all can see that competition in your various communities and also largely on social media.

These are fine young brains whose expertise and adventurism is collectively required in various capacities for nation building.

But the system is strategised and structured such that, they are kept idle, with no proper jobs, to keep bidding for their times.

And while at it, they have to begin this idol worshipping, attend rallies, join party groups and begin evangelism.

Not that joining and campaigning for political parties are anything wrong. But these are very industrious youth spending almost all their active life doing party politics. Day and Night.

Like I said you can’t squarely blame them. They’ve been made to believe this, and unfortunately there is evidence to back the belief.

They’ve seen their (sometimes less intelligent) colleagues who were smart enough to start this party business early, get rewarded with rich positions in the country when the party wins.

And that is how it all starts to make sense, that, even with your skill and education and practical knowledge, you only get what you deserve (and more), if you jump on the bandwagon. It’s a gravy train.

Until the youth begin to come to the realization that, these are things we deserve.

These are things we can acquire on our own, given the opportunity, without having to necessarily dedicate our times serving people who should rather be serving us.

You can see an African fully employed in a Western country, say United States, living a decent life, come on social media to write against Donald Trump.

He fears no consequences because it is his talents and expertise this is required by the country, not his political leanings.

So as far as he diligently executes his job in that American Company, his political opinions, no matter how strong they are, matter not.

But if you work in a public institution in most African countries like ours, you do not dare to criticize an administration or government, let alone its leader, at any point in time. Lest, you are gone the next day.

Even when you work in a private sector, there can be schemes to get you out of that the next moment.

That’s the reason people watch on while the public sector keeps rotten to the core year in year out.

Our kind of politics is stinks.

In the past, it used to be crass illiterates and the jobless spending all their time and days at rallies and fighting each other due to politics.

Now, graduates and the employed have joined, because they believe, the one and only way to secure a job or retain it, is to fight tooth and nail to get your party in power, and not by your skill and, expertise and abilities.

Until we begin to unite, to make our country’s interest stronger and paramount than Political interest.

Until we begin to demand the things we deserve, and not just by bootlicking and idol worshipping, our nation will be transformed.

Until then, we will keep fighting and insulting our brothers on social media and physically in the streets, not because we fighting for GHANA, but our parties and our selfish interests.

Credit: Sadick AdamsDon’t blame teachers when students can’t read or write

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