The Infrastructure Debate: Reasons why Mahama Stands Tall

The Infrastructure Debate: Reasons why Mahama Stands Tall

Each election year promises keen comparison and positive debate between the two winnable political parties. This year assures an exciting debate because of the leaders involved. Luckily, both leaders have had the opportunity of serving for a term.

From my little exposure in the Ghanaian politics, I am enlightened on the fact that the NPP, a capitalist party has deviated from their ideology to serve a socialist course and purpose. Social interventions have taken the center stage of the party’s achievements.
For the NDC, infrastructural development has always been their focal point when making promises, and they have performed better in terms of infrastructure.

Literally, the success of one party’s achievement depends on the other. The NPP’s Free SHS social intervention wouldn’t have been successful without the NDC’s E-blocks.

Nana Addo came to replace John Mahama who served as vice and president in the past two regimes. From 2009-2012, Mahama helped Atta Mills in laying the foundation for Mahama’s success in his term as president. It is worth Noting that before John Mahama left office, he had secured contracts and funds for some of the projects Nana Addo has completed. This makes it John Mahama’s project.

Basically, if the NPP wants to debate John Mahama then it shouldn’t be specified to only Infrastructure else they will lose. It wouldn’t make sense to debate NDC’s first term because Atta Mills is no more, to seek for re-election.
If there is a room for any presidential debate then it should cover all sectors and not just infrastructure.

By: Abubakar Mohammed Aminu

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