The Ghanaian ‘Supposed’ Feminist Mindset: The New Pandemic

The Ghanaian 'Supposed' Feminist Mindset: The New Pandemic

The Ghanaian ‘Supposed’ Feminist Mindset: The New Pandemic

I saw a lot of ‘supposed’ feminists throw shots at men after it was announced that Kamala Harris was going to be the new Vice President of the United States of America. For the first time, a woman and an African American at that, was going to hold such a prestigious office. This is such a great news for the average African American who for years have been suppressed by white supremacists and racists.

Instead of some Ghanaian feminists congratulating Kamala Harris and being happy for Americans, they rather resorted to throwing shots at Ghanaian men who they’ve described as ‘oppressors’ and dream killers. According to some Ghanaian feminists, Ghanaian men(generalised because most of the supposed feminists generalised it) marry Ghanaian women to suppress and oppress them. Some even threaten their wives with divorce when they realise they’re attaining or trying to attain greater heights and do well for themselves. I am in no way alleging that their stance isn’t true. Maybe that is their truth.
But where I come from, women are not limited. If anything, women are even the most protected and encouraged to pursue their dreams. The men in my immediate setting push the women to go further. I don’t know what families these ‘supposed’ feminists come from but from some of the words they spew and the fact that they take advantage of every given opportunity to shade men when they should just be celebrating or applauding women attaining greater heights tells me a lot about where they are coming from. So I’ll appreciate it if you personalise your yours rather than generalise it.

It’s not the fault of all Ghanaian men that you come from the family you were born into but for the fact that you still feel oppressed shows how incompetent you the ‘supposed’ feminist are. This is because you haven’t done anything to change things even in your respective families so what shows that if given equal opportunities in your society or even at the world level, you can do any better than your oppressors?

Personally, I feel most often the husbands most women agree to marry is just a reflection of who that woman is(I used most because there are some forced and arranged marriages which the woman basically did not give consent to). So if a ‘supposed’ feminist feels oppressed, suppressed and limited by their husbands(who they willingly agreed to marry) from getting that certificate, career, job or opportunity they want and still continues to be married to that man, then you this feminist are weak minded, spineless and pusillanimous. So all your ‘gra gra’ on social media platforms does not change zilch especially in this 21st century where you’ve got a lot of options.

As the world advances, it’s sickening to still see that ‘a bunch of bitter supposed feminists’ continue to throw hate about in the name of feminism. Y’all be practicing misandry and be mistaking it for feminism.

It is not the fault of all Ghanaian men that the men in your family are useless(per the supposed feminists assumptions and sayings). So what you won’t do is come and hang your family’s problems on every man. This is not me speaking for men, this is me saying stop throwing dirt into the eyes of the next generation of women springing up in the name of feminism. Your generalisation is sickening.

Y’all supposed feminists failed to talk about how Kamala Harris achieved her feat practically on her own before she met her husband. She was her own woman. She married a man who she believed would be in support of her dreams and I’m sure if her husband was preventing her from dreaming big or going further in Life, she would divorce him. So what are you still doing with that man you call an oppressor? Are you basically saying your marriage is more important than your ambitions? The fact that your mother chose to be with an oppressor should not be an excuse to still be in that toxic marriage. If your mum couldn’t do better, you should do better. Free yourself and go chase your dreams and stop blaming men especially for your failures.

If you feel the society influences this, what have you done to change things? Even in your family setting? Show receipts and how effective your methods are. Facebook posts barely do anything. In this same society we find ourselves in, some women have broken the status quo and achieved things most men couldn’t.

Kamala Harris did not sit back and ask men to give her the opportunity, she earned it. If you want equality, do not expect things to be given to you on a silver platter. Go earn it. The shades you throw will last a day or two and that ends it so go do better.
To the ‘supposed’ Ghanaian feminist, the world is dealing with a lot right now so do not become another pandemic.


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