Tanzania president among others reject covid 19 vaccine

Tanzania president among others reject covid 19 vaccine

Tanzanian President, John Magufuli has boldly declared his rejection of the use of covid 19 vaccines to treat his citizens.
President John Magufuli is known to be one of such presidents who have stood their grounds so far to refuse the covid 19 vaccine which has been produced by foreign pharmaceutical companies as a remedy for the deadly virus.
Instead, he has asked his citizens to depend on the use of local herbs to help overcome the spread of the virus. “My fellow Tanzanians, let us stand firm; some of these vaccines are not good for us. I urge the ministry of health to be very careful with all the vaccines imported into our country. Not all vaccines are of good intentions to our nation” he added we Tanzanians have lived for one year without the virus. A piece of good evidence, most of us here don’t wear masks. If the white man was able to come out with vaccines then vaccination for AIDS would have been brought; tuberculosis would be a thing of the past. Vaccines for malaria and cancer would have been found.”

President Evariste Ndayishimiye of Burundi and President Hassan Rouhani of Iran like the Tanzanian President have also expressed their distaste of the emergence of the new vaccine. The Burundian president explained that his rejection of the vaccine is based on the fact that most of its citizens have already recovered and thus there will be no use of the vaccine. The Iranian president on the other hand based on his ideologies has rejected the vaccines produced in America as he claims it is unsafe for its citizens. His country is doing their best to produce their own vaccine but is expected to import the corona virus vaccine from Russia or China.

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Most people have expressed their discontent over countries who have refused the vaccine saying it is an act of selfishness and immaturity to reject a cure for such a deadly ailment. They have argued that people are rejecting the covid 19 vaccine but are accepting polio, yellow fever and hepatitis B vaccines with open arms. However, it has been recorded that some people who allowed themselves to be vaccinated have suffered from paralysis and erectile dysfunction. These side effect of the vaccine is what has made quite a number of people doubt its efficacy and potency.

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