Simon Togeh: To Whom It May Concern

Simon Togeh: To Whom It May Concern

In this world, we usually look up to people we call role models. Role models can be a blessing or curse to the youth, especially in Ghana.

At times, for you to stay focused in life, you need someone you admire to back you up in various stages of your life. Upcoming Musicians, Journalists, Bankers, Footballers and few to mention have people they have chosen to be their role models. We copy lifestyle of our role models, aspiring and trying to be like them.

But these role models are indirectly killing the talents and destiny of the youth in this country. I have heard a lot of bitter stories from my friends and colleagues about how badly their role models treated them. My role model, Lexis Bill of Joy FM has been a blessing to me since day one of hearing his voice on Hitz FM.

Recently, Lexis gave me the platform to tell my story to the entire world. Most of my colleagues were amazed after they heard that my role model had given such an opportunity and also supporting and guiding me, to help me become who he is or at least closer. God bless him abundantly.

Same applies to Angel FM’s Sports Presenter, Sadick Adams. He is among the guys who always give the chance to others to show to the world what they can do.

Last year, Sadick Adams gave the platform to currently, the youngest Sports Presenter in Ghana, Dominic Fobih, who is famously known as the”Wonder Boy”. Through that, the CEO of Angel FM has employed the boy and Fobih has gotten a full scholarship to further his education. So, all things being equal, Do you think this boy will ever forget Sadick Adams?. When Sadick Adams is no more Sadick Adams, can’t this boy feel his shoes?

Through this boy and other people Sadick has helped, the legacy of Sadick will stay or live forever. These are what we expect other high personalities in our country to do. Give the platform to the youth, especially those who mentor us. By so doing, we are extending the lifespan of our legacy.

Few days ago, a colleague informed me her role model has blocked her on social media, just to avoid my colleague tagging or hashtagging her account names on her posts. Isn’t this wichcraft?. Such a person and the devil what is the difference?

A schoolmate who is an upcoming musician often recounts how he would stare sheepishly at the ignored messages he would send to some mainstreamers he admired a lot, one of whom even had a stage name similar in pronunciation to my friend’s. Today, my mate’s reputation is steadily rising in hip-hop circles and those who ignored him then are slowly fading away. If they hadn’t blue-ticked him back then, he could be keeping their names alive today.
Many have tried their outmost best to meet these their role models but these so called celebrities are intentionally ghosting.

We understand that birds of the same feathers flock together, but no one stays at the top forever. You can see someone who looks up to you as a role model, as not being your co-equal today. Mind you, the table can turn any day, anytime.
The fact that you are now a mainstreamer or high personality doesn’t mean you will be that forever. The tables can turn. Those you take for granted can become the gods you worship someday.

Now, to whom it may concern, if someone has openly said that he or she regards you as a role model, then God has already blessed you. You need to train, mould, guide, advice such a person to become someone like you or better than you. This is due to the fact that such a person is the one who will replace you when you grow old, or when you enter the house with an entrance but no exit. Such a person will promote and maintain your legacy forever.

Such a person could be the icon to represent you when you are not more a high personality. There are many occasions when some high personalities regretted looking down on some people, don’t be part of them.
Even birds fall from the sky, this should tell us that, as human beings, we can fall from any position anytime, anyday, so we must be extra careful with how we treat the young ones who will take our positions in the future.

Popular Ghanaian musician and Chief Executive Officer of Sarkcess Music, Sarkodie became Sarkodie after, Hammer of Last Two, Edem, Kwaw Kesse and few to mention gave him the platform to exhibit what He(Sarkodie) can do.

To Whom It May Concern, help people who look up to you as their role models. You will never stay on top forever. If it was so, Jerry John Rawlings would still be President, if it was so, Donald Trump would still be President. If it was so, Ronaldinho would still be captain of Barcelona, no one stays at the top forever. A living legacy is better than a medal. That’s why the creator made us, creatures give birth, and craftsmen take in apprentices. To whom it May concern, pride is only bad when it’s bigger than your name. Is your ego bigger than your reputation? God help us all.

By: Simon Togeh(Ghana Institute of Journalism
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