Release Our Wards’ SHS Results Now, Not After December 7th – Government Told

Release Our Wards' SHS Results Now, Not After December 7th - Government Told

Release Our Wards’ SHS Results Now, Not After December 7th – Government Told

Education is said to be the key to success, but of late, it has become crystal clear that the politicians have changed the lock, making the key worthless.
Such is the reality on ground each time the educational sector of any country is being played with politics.

A month and a half ago, the country woke up to an unprecedented level of juvenile and senile misconduct as students of the free SHS (first batch), abused the highest office, for that matter the first gentleman of the land as a result of alleged “difficult exams”. Such thing has never happened before and many morally upright citizens, rebuked the said students but the country as a whole fail to address the course of the problem – politicization of education in the country.

The Ghanaian student wrote the same papers with his or her Nigerian year mate under the same examination board (WAEC) but unfortunately, just as promised, the results of Nigerian students were released to them on the 2nd of November, 2020 while that of Ghanaian’s is withheld.

Genuine questions therefore begin to erupt in the minds of all stakeholders as to why our children are having their results withheld. The most viable of such theory is the possible blockade of the results by the current government of Ghana due to abysmal performance of students, as the government was banking greatly on the prospects of a good outcome to boost their campaign and to bid for another mandate as they refute the opposition’s claim that the policy is qualitatively not enviable.

General suspicion and inference deduced from the delay, is a ploy by government to push the release date to the aftermath of the December polls for which citizens may not have the chance to analyse the general performance to guide them in their choice come election day.

EAI therefore calls on the WAEC, GES and the government of Ghana to as a matter of urgency come out with a communiqué on the possible causes of the delay of the results of our children and give a date for which students should expect their results whether good or bad.

Enough of the toying with the future of our children. Enough of the politicization of the education sector.

Boadi William
CEO, Educationist and Motivational Speaker.

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