Profane songs sells artistes – AK Songstress

Profane songs sells artistes – AK Songstress

The very popular young talented dancehall artiste Akosua Kwakye who is popularly known as AK Songstress has made a confirmation that profane songs really pushes artistes.

The artiste who was asked a question on Power Entertainment hosted by Agyemang Prempeh whether profane songs pushes artistes said “That’s the truth and it started way back but not today”
“Artistes do what the people want and if for instance I do music which I feel it’s good and know I have invested much in-terms of lyrics and others which every artiste know it’s a good song it doesn’t necessarily means that’s what the person wants to say”

He also added that every artiste have to study the market since music is a business.

To him, she is a versatile artiste and she does any genre of music so far as she can write and deliver perfectly.

“I entered the industry with dancehall but later realize that I have to expand and reach a lot of people and that’s why dived into Afrobeat, Afropop and reggae” she said.

Source: Philemon

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