Pampering Your Skin With Nature

Pampering Your Skin With Nature

There are unending lists to getting a good, healthier and youthful skin, which is a dream for most people. Lots of people experience of skin troubles and a sure remedy is from nature.

The black soap commonly known as alata soap and dandelions is a natural game changer for you to get the skin of your dreams. Alata soap is made from cocoa and plantain ashes because of its benefits to get rid of uneven skin tone and promote hair growth among women.

It is a superstar skin care ingredient which is very common in Ghanaian households.

Black soap and dandelions.
Dandelions are very common plants that grow in most backyards, some pople use their leaves, stems, roots and flowers for medicinal purposes. For food it is used in salads and for dandelion tea in Ghana.

Alata soap and dandelion leaves are perfect choices to having a good and radiant skin. Many skin mishaps such as uneven skin tone, acne, blackheads and eczema can be treated with the use of alata soap and dandelions.

The linoleic acids in the dandelions helps the skin to retain its natural moisture and support collagen structures in the skin. The vitamin E in cocoa is also a boost in collagen production to keep the skin firm and give it elasticity for a smoother, younger-looking skin and a protection against UV rays.
STEP 1. Blend your dandelion leaves to a paste
STEP 2. Mix with the black alata soap
STEP 3. Apply to face and wash off after 10 to 15 minutes.

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