Okaikwei North MP petitions government to reduce fuel prices for social distance in public transport

Okaikwei North MP petitions government to reduce fuel prices for social distance in public transport

Member of Parliament for Okaikwei North Constituency, Theresa Lardi Awuni has petitioned government to reduce fuel prices to allow for social distance in commercial buses.
Madam Theresa Lardi Awuni made this statement in concern of the sudden rise of the covid 19 pandemic in the country. She explained that, after the president issued the lockdown to help decrease the risk of contracting the virus, the president put in place certain measures in our transport operations which allowed for social distance all of which helped to gradually eradicate the existence of the virus in the country.
Although the system was not in favour of the transport operators as they lost some revenue, the measurement taken was effective. The MP for Okaikwei North stated that in order to prevent a revenue loss on the part of commercial owners and workers, government should consider reducing fuel prices and implement social distance in our commercial transport as a means to curb the rapid spread of the virus.
“Majority of our population use public transport on daily basis to commute from and to work, for their business engagements etc. It is therefore an undeniable fact that with the sort of sitting arrangement we have in our commercial vehicles, they are a fertile ground for the breeding and escalation of the novel coronavirus” she added “Currently there is no observation for social distancing in our commercial vehicles even though the spread of the covid 19 is on the rise. It is for these important indicators including the appeal from my constituents that I humbly seek to make this statement for the president as a matter of urgency to re-enforce the restriction and limitation of the number of passengers carried by commercial vehicles and back it by absorbing 15% of the cost of fuel to ease the burden on transport operators, who had to comply with social distancing protocols”.
She continued to urge all and sundry to constantly abide by all covid 19 protocols instituted by the government to protect ourselves and help curb the spread of the virus.

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