Ogidi Brown Discloses That His New Song “3n3 Nipa” Recounts His Real Life Story

Ogidi Brown discloses that his new song “3n3 Nipa” recounts his real life story.

Ghanaian hiplife singer and CEO of OGB Music, Ogidi Brown, has released a latest one titled ‘3n3 Nipa’, a song that tells a true experience in his life.
The artiste appeared to have lost motivation in extending a helping hand to others. He expressed dismay over how people have repaid his kindness with wickedness. Ogidi Brown recounts in his song that on countless occasions he had helped people to establish themselves. The singer revealed that those same people who had affectionately called him brother had turned their backs on him in the end. He sang that the fingers he fed yesterday were the same fingers who betrayed him today.

Ogidi Brown cautioned in ‘3n3 Nipa’ that no matter how much people love you, you must always watch your back because they might had hidden intentions. Today’s friends are tomorrow’s enemies. He admonished that human beings are unpredictable, they can side with you for one moment and turn against you in the next.

“3n3 nipa” is produced by Beatz Fada and is available on the singer’s social media platforms.
Prior to his latest release, Ogidi Brown had threatened to take his former artiste, Peter Famiyeh Bozah, popularly known as Fameye, to the gods of antoa. In a video posted on his Instagram, Ogidi Brown revealed that Fameye owed him a whopping amount of $50,000. He captioned the video “I’m in pain, I give you two weeks”.

Apparently the “Nothing I Get” hitmaker had failed to honour his part of a deal they had both signed. According to him, Fameye had agreed to pay $50,000 as and when he decides to quit the record label. However the now-independent artiste, Fameye, keeps giving him different stories every time he brings up the subject of the debt. Ogidi Brown indicated that but for Fameye’s numerous pleas, he would have filed a lawsuit.

Meanwhile Fameye has released a new song “Pay Me” featuring Lord Paper. In the song, he teasingly repeats the words of his former boss Ogidi Brown “please pay back my money”.

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