Nollywood actress claims some of her colleagues use “voodoo”

Nollywood actress, Ruby Ojiakor has revealed a major challenge in the Nigerian movie industry which supresses other actors and prevent them from standing out.
She explained that some of her fellow actors in the movie industry settle for the use of black magic for fame and popularity.
The actress made this statement in an interview with Saturday Beats explaining that all these celebrities forget that resorting to the use of juju to grow their career come with a price to be paid as the fame and the money do not last with time unlike the ones who go with flow without any shortcut to attracting fame.
“Some use voodoo and go diabolical just to get attention from movie producers. This then makes them sort after compared to other actors that are lobbying and struggling to get roles. However with God on my side, things have been fine. I believe that juju work very fast and the people who use it in the industry get rapid fame. I think that is also a challenge in Nollywood”.
In Africa, one of the greatest movie industry one can make mention of is the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood). Over the years they have never failed in producing good movies which comes naturally with the flow revealing their rich culture, drama and their typical lifestyle.
However, most of their movies whether in the setting of the country side or the city normally have contents of occultism and the use of charms and black magic. This has raised a lot of debates and controversies concerning their lifestyle as people perceive that their way of life is what they depict in the movies they create.

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