New method of motorbike robbery in Bolgatanga

New method of motorbike robbery in Bolgatanga

Some residents of Bolgatanga have expressed their concerns over rampant robbery cases and a new method which the robbers have devised to aid in a successful robbery.
Motorbikes is a major means of transport service in Bolgatanga and has been one major target during robbery. As such, armed robbers usually look out for motor riders as main targets. Onlookers narrate that these armed robbers dress nicely standing by the intersection where the traffic lights will turn red whiles awaiting any motorcycle. They then draw closer acting friendly, then proceed to draw out their weapon whiles telling the victim to quietly hand over the motorbike to prevent any unwanted casualty
“Just recently a woman was riding on the Bolgatanga-Navrongo Highway around 7:00pm and a man stopped her around the regional library junction as if they knew each other. One might even think the man wanted the woman to give him a ride. The woman stopped. He walked to her and whilst he was talking with her, the woman got down from the motorbike. The guy rode the bike away. It was after he had gone far out of reach the woman began to wail. She then narrated to the crowd that she had been robbed of her motorbike at gun point by a man who stopped her as though he needed assistance”.
In an interview with the Bolgatanga Divisional Commander of the Ghana Police Service, Chief Superintendent Dela K. Dzansi he advised that “If you have other road users around you when you are under attack, you could raise alarm because he couldn’t have fired you alone. Or you can jerk up your motorbike to fly out of your body and fall on the ground. That will confuse the person and you can raise alarm”.
The Chief Superintendent also laid down some measures which will be taken to stop the persistent robbery “We will be making the police mount checks at the various traffic lights. They will be parking there intermittently and be observing”.

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