Marriage Is Not Promised In Every Relationship – Juliet Ibrahim

Marriage Is Not Promised In Every Relationship – Juliet Ibrahim

Celebrated Ghanaian actress and author, Juliet Ibrahim, has made a recent statement that appears to be in total conformity with reality.

Love is a beautiful thing when you are so in tune with one another. For most amorous relationships, marriage is the ultimate goal. The beautiful actress has pointed out that, rather, unfortunately, not all relationships will lead to marriage.

She opined that relationships are just like friendships – some last, some do not.
In a post shared on her Instagram page, Juliet Ibrahim indicated that marriage is not promised in all relationships.

Some relationships end in marriage, some do not. If you are fortunate to meet your life partner, good for you! Nevertheless, those who do not end up getting married should not brood over their broken relationship but concentrate on the other side of the tunnel where there’s light.

Juliet Ibrahim posted on Instagram, “Not all relationships will lead to marriage, some will only help you discover new restaurants”.
You can’t agree less.

It is wrong when someone gets into a relationship thinking and believing it will all be bliss to the end. What is essential is understanding the reality of dynamism in relationships.

Most importantly, relationships are full of ups and downs. A lot of couples can attest to the fact that the early stages of relationships are all lovey-dovey and sheen.

Fresh lovers experience a heightened mutual attraction and wish to remain like that for days unending until reality sets in and the relationship begin to fall apart.

Actress Juliet Ibrahim makes it clear in her post that not all but some relationships will just be a ground to explore new things. It is thus paramount to come to terms with the fact that some people are not good for you, no matter how much you love them.

Realizing that you deserve something good is one of the first steps to move on.

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