“Leave The Fake Lover In 2020” – Counselor Adofoli Implores

"Leave The Fake Lover In 2020" - Counselor Adofoli Implores

“Leave The Fake Lover In 2020” – Counselor Adofoli Implores

Ghana’s esteemed counsellor and entrepreneur, Counselor Frank Adofoli, has sent out a strong message to all who are enduring relationships to value themselves enough to walk away from ‘fake’ partners who crush their self-esteem this new year.

Counsellor cautioned that negotiating one’s mental health is a dangerous thing to do because the soul will eventually get tired. Also, sometimes the people you make plans for, have their plans and it doesn’t involve you.

You need to pick yourself up and move on in order ‘to have the best of this year’.

In this post which he made on Facebook, Counselor Adofoli pointed out that every individual is in charge of his or her peace and success.

It is what a person allows that stays. He admonished that people should stop blaming others for what they choose to allow and learn to pick themselves up from where they are not appreciated.

Counsellor Adofoli titled his message “LEAVE THE FAKE LOVER IN 2020” and it reads:

“During the just-ended Christmas season, many fake lovers were exposed. One of such people were those who, all of sudden pretended to be so busy, ignored your phone calls, prevented you from visiting them, forgot you were part and parcel of their lives and those who made demands but and because you were not able to meet these demands they no longer see you as part of them.

They hardly answer your calls, make little or no conversation, and their attitude changes towards you.

The change of attitude of these fake lovers can be very hurting, leaving you confused, angry, rejected, etc. Feeling unwanted by the person you want the most is the worst feeling. You can’t have a better year filled with all these negative emotions. You need to leave your old self with the old lover, which means the new you doesn’t know this old lover.

If they left before the end of 2020, please leave them there, they are history, don’t start 2021 with them. Starting the New Year with them will get a disaster; trying to get answers to why they changed before the end of the previous year can lead to anger, heartbreaks, lies, etc.

To have the best of this year, you don’t need drama or negativity and you have to avoid people who lead you into that. You should surround yourself with people who push you to do better and be a better version of yourself.

Don’t be afraid of losing people, you will be shocked to realize that the very person you are afraid of losing is not really down with you in the first place. Even though your trust, loyalty and love for them runs deep but they care less; if not they wouldn’t have left, rejected abandoned and changed towards you during special events in their lives.

A real lover has nothing to hide, he or she will tell you everything, including the truth you want to know about them without getting angry. For they know if they are a hundred percent honest with you, you have no cause to doubt them but trust them no matter what. That’s the sign of a partner who is real and wants to grow with you.

Stop lying to yourself by believing they are the right person for you. Stop wasting your time on people who don’t know it’s worth. Time is precious so be responsible. You’ve got to make sure you are spending it with the right people else you live to regret it.

2021 is the perfect year for you to stop opening doors for people who shut you. Don’t open it in the name of love. Don’t trust people blindly, make sure they are earning that through their actions. The feeling and interest should be mutual and not one-sided.

You don’t let any man or woman treats you like a doormat, they look for you when they have to take off the dirt beneath their feet or slippers. You don’t let a man look for you only when they need someone to sleep with, cook for or wash their clothes. You don’t welcome her because she needs money, gifts or bill to be paid for.

You are not cigarette to be used when they are bored and stepped on when they are done using it. Let them need you like some medicine that they need and can’t do without. Don’t beg anyone for attention either in the name of a relationship. When you do that, you only make them feel powerful and end up controlling your feelings. If they are with you, their presence will be felt.

In conclusion “A man who has friends must be a friend, but there is a friend who stays nearer than a brother” – Proverbs 18:24 (NLV).”

Credit: Counselor Adofoli

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