Kasoa Killing: 16-year Old Boys Narrate How They Managed To Murder The 10-year Old [Watch]

Two 16-year old boys who killed a 10-year old boy at Kasoa for money ritual have finally spoken after they were arrested.

The two teenagers who have been tagged as ‘sakawa boys’ after they were nabbed narrated how they killed their victim.

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The two boys were nabbed on Saturday, April 3 for the murder of Ishmael, a 10-year old boy.

Following their arrest the two teenagers confirmed that indeed they murdered the boy.

In a video sighted by, one of the boys told us how they planned the killing of the 10-year old boy.

According to one of the suspect, he said he was sent to call the deceased 10-year old for the other suspect.

Who then  hit the boy with a club after he came with the boy to their hiding place.

He added that his friend had dug a whole and buried the boy and told him some people will come for the body and give them money.

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However, his friend denied all the allegations and described his other friend as a lair.


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