Just In: 4 Arrested For Allegedly Carrying Ballot Boxes And Weapons At Prestia

Just In: 4 Arrested Carrying Ballot Boxes And Weapons At Prestia

As the Electoral Commission is in its endeavour to dispatching it’s electoral Logistics in police and military escorts, other criminals are also finding their manipulative ways to reaching their targeted pollng stations with their own Logistics.

An early morning report from Prestia in the Western region states that four stout men have been arrested driving in a Toyota Highlander with registration number GW 32 58-16, loaded with ballot boxes, machetes and pepper spray.

Just In: 4 Arrested Carrying Ballot Boxes And Weapons At Prestia

The police patrol team stopped the speeding Toyota vehicle only to find out the contents which are weapons and unauthorised ballot boxes around 5 a.m. this morning.

As at now we are yet to ascertain where these criminals were heading with the weapons and the Ballot boxes and who is behind their actions.

The four are currently Behind Bars at the Prestia police station assisting the police in further investigations. is closely following this issue and will update our cherished followers should anything drop from it.

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