I Was Saved From Suicide – Ohemaa Mercy

Ghanaian gospel musician, Mercy Twum-Ampofo popularly called Ohemaa Mercy in the creative arts industry has disclosed she nearly committed suicide at a point in her life.

She narrated what caused her suicide attempt was when she was caught for telling lies to take money in the name of a Prophetess she lived with in Koforidua during a live interview on Pure FM.

“I remember I was once living in a house where the landlady was Prophetess and I used her name to solicit for funds from her friend whilst she was unaware.”

”So one day, it happened that, the woman I went to take the money from came for prayers from the prophetess and this is what happened.”

”I had already told the woman that my landlady was ejecting me from the house, but then I had a serious issue to settle and I didn’t know what to tell the woman for her to give the money to me so I had to lie at that particular time at the expense of the prophetess I lived with.”

”When she came to meet her she asked “Mercy is it this woman whom you said was mistreating you? If I had known I would have spoken to her to allow you stay.”

”At the time I wished the earth could swallow me. I run into my room, took a knife and decided to kill myself though I could hear my child calling me, I didn’t mind because Satan is always stronger when he wants you to do things to hurt yourself.”

”God being so good, there was this brother who broke into her room to save me.”

”I remember he told me that I shouldn’t kill myself, because this is not the end of my life and that God has so much for me. In fact I thank God for that particular brother that saved my life.”


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