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Op-Ed: I Stand for Peace: Campaign to Meme within Mere Hours

You really just can't take Ghanaians anywhere these days. Case in point, a peace campaign just went from encouraging poster to laughter inducing meme. Why...and how?

People are standing for peace o, what about you?

Ghanaians are famous on the internet for being able to squeeze fun out of serious and at times, even critical situations. We sometimes take it too far but the creativity and humour almost always cancels out the cringe.

Over this week alone we saw status updates of Ghanaians telling how they love the late soccer legend, Maradona’s “songs”. But it seems our fellow Ghanaians were saving the best for last.

The Plan

Instagram user @premierspoint came up with quite a brilliant idea to coo the youth towards a peaceful election. This he executed by designing fliers with Ghanaian day-of-birth names (soul names or. “kradin” in Akan) and attaching the catchphrase “I stand for peace”. It was well thought, as he made 14 variations, each for the male and female names given to children born on all seven days of the week.

The Backlash…

There will always be people on social media who find certain posts “immature” or “unnecessary”. Such people took to the same mediums to “enlighten” people on how posts on social media would have little or no influence on behavior in real life; something they wouldn’t say if they were aware of how seemingly usual stuff like cyber-bullying spin into depression and even suicide in real life. It was funny seeing people rebuke a meme(sort of) with memes of their own.

The Cavalry…

Now there’s a third group…my favorite kind of people. This squad felt that, since people were mad about others spreading some love, they’d double down on the love and sprinkle some laughs. The “I am [insert name], I stand for peace” became “I am single, I stand for peace”. More words like “virgin” and “broke” got factored in. But you know yourselves, you just had to take it even a step further… The “I am…” even got a makeover, with captions like “the shoddy bounce me” among others.

What do I think?…

Not that it matters and you shouldn’t be interested anyway but I think some of us should cool down with the “mature” act on social media. The internet is a haven for most people. People come online for a needed distraction from the real world’s problems. You may be online to do business, good for you, but people actually check whatsapp statuses to be entertained. And if you think your mature “DM for cool price” is why someone would buy data bundles to login to a social networking site, then you’re either too self righteous for 2020 or you need a hug so bad.


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