I have refrained from partisan politics- Bukom Banku

I have refrained from partisan politics- Bukom Banku

Ghanaian Super heavyweight champion, Braimah Kamoko, widely known as Bukom Banku has stated openly that he has henceforth resigned from active politics due to his influence as a celebrity.

He said that he had gotten into the bad books of people who had once adored him for his remarkable boxing success, following his massive campaign for the opposition NDC party. He explained that in order to secure his fanbase and protect his brand, he has washed his hands off political affairs.
Bukom Banku had been a great advocate for the National Democratic Congress until the 2016 general elections approached, when he made known his decision to disengage from active politics. Speaking at a boxing event held in Dzodze-Penyi in the Volta region, Bukom Banku declared his decision to refrain from political activities and urged aspiring boxers to remain focused and work very hard to attain their goals.
He had said to the young boxers, “You know everybody love me in the nation, may be some people love me and some people jealous me because of politics. So if you want to be a popular man, you don’t have to do politics”.

However, contrary to his initial decision, Bukom Banku had strongly campaigned for the NDC in his constituency towards the 2020 general elections. He has reaffirmed his position to refrain from political activities for the good of his brand.

Bukom Banku had an undefeated record of 28-0-0 until October 2017, when he was knocked out in round 7 by Bastie Samir, at the Bukom Boxing Arena in Accra. He has a great sense of humour and has garnered a great following on social media.

In the course of the 2020 general elections, Bukom Banku was announced to have sustained injuries in his left arm, following a fierce clash between the NPP and NDC supporters in the Odododiodio constituency in Accra

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