How To Make Money Through The Internet and Other Digital Channels – Part One

How To Make Money Through The Internet and Other Digital Channels – Part One

In this digital era, it is easy to make money through the International Network mostly known as Internet. Over the past two years, I have been making money through the internet as a blogger and a digital marketer.
I know and understand that many people do not believe that you can make money through the internet, Yes, initially I used to believe that until I gave it a try.

In this article, I am going to teach you some of the best ways to make money for free through the internet and the digital domains.

Blogging is usually termed as an online Journalism. It is the act of publishing content on the websites. With blogging, you can make huge amount of money through the internet. Google has a specual domain which pays websites owners or publishers. It is called the Google Adsense. Google Adsense pays websites owners based on their terms, policies and other rules. Get a website and begin making money with google adsense today, but don’t forget me.

Also we have other third party domains that pay people to write news for their portals. And they pay reasonably. Such domains include,, Scooper and few others to mention.

Google ads expert:
Google ads is a subdomain under the digital channels, when you master how to draft a google ads campaign and how to use the portal, You can contact business owners and use that to promote their businesses online. You can read more about Google Ads online.

SMS Marketing:
SMS Marketing has been in existence for years, the introduction of advanced technological tools and other digital domains have made SMS marketing more business oriented. With the knowledge in SMS marketing, you can handle the SMS activities for various Organizations at a go. In 2020 general elections, most of the candidates use SMS Marketing to communicate their campaign messages to their targets voters. Same way commercial entities use SMS marketing to communicate with their customers.

Social Media Expert:
With the increased accessibility to the internet and other digital gadgets, people are always actively online. Social Media Networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter among others were initially created for socialisation but it can also be used for advertising. Equipped with knowledge in Social Media Marketing you can work as an Social Media Expert. You can create and manage social media handles for businesses, celebrities and other prominent people at a cost.

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