Hon Farouk Aliu Mahama Is Not Just Representing Yendi But Re-Presenting Them.

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Representatives of the people are like the reservoir of power transferred from the people through voting. This power given lies in the hands of those who hold it to describe it from their own point of view. Some are true representations because they use this power to carry the people whiles others are confuse it as comfort and makes the people carry them and that can they can only best be described as tyrants because taxation without true representation is actually tyranny as James Otis said.

The lack of true representation has for sometime now killed the people trust leaving them with no option than to keep trying and testing to see where they can have men that would represent them to government and not represent government to them. It has been why the NPP in just the recent election lost many seats.

fortunately that presented us a new dawn. A dawn of hope, a dawn of faith,a dawn of true representation, a dawn of service with passion and that dawn is Hon Farouk Aliu Mahama making things right in the Yendi constituency. Some years ago the peace of Yendi was the only best news we wished to hear and that was enough development. This noble community of royals who so much deserved a city of hope were for long being in the news for bad reasons but today the more news of them is about the more developmental projects pulled to them by their noble son.

He‘s continuing that legacy of service that his late Dad, the former Vice President Aliu Mahama( May he Rest In Peace ) started but couldn’t finish. He’s reechoing to Yendi to understand more what politics can do and should do for them as a people. He is simply saying that, Once you represent the people to government you must understand you are opened up to more opportunities of networking that can help develop your place and you should use it to pull home development.

In just this few months of his leadership a lot has been done,from schools renovation,health screenings and medication,schools and hospital buildings ongoing. Scholarship packages and he even paid for a tune of Gh10,000 for free water for his constituents before a project of some 100 Boreholes ongoing which is the first biggest intervention ever in the constituency with some already in use,the Yendi Water project and lots more he’s nursing up. Several donations, some to the disable community and 1000s of rice bags to Muslim community.

The most recent is an initiative with a planned visit of the India High Commissioner to the Yendi Constituency to reveal to them the potential areas of investments and areas of needed supports that the Indians can jointly help the community fix. Some weeks ago were identifiable areas of tourism that can fetch the community lots of foreign exchange to make it a bit self dependent.

Aside these he’s kept touch with the community on their social gatherings like marriages and other traditional events which the people glorify a lot. Some others may see these not necessary, but I ask a question, What’s more a better representation than doing for your people what they cherish. Our communities love and cherish social gatherings and these are things that help build peace and unity which is a part of our development because development is multi dimensional. That as well presents a wider table for more people to discuss with him the community challenges as well as individual troubles. It also gives him a true picture of what need be fixed.

What I see is that,he’s in a loud tone telling us that,as an Mp you must understand you carry the dream of the people and must be thoughtful always on what next to do to solve their challenges. That is what I call a true 4th republic Mp. It’s not about the laws. What’s a better law than pulling home for your people their dying needs. You represent them and must re-present them to the world from what they used to be as a different representative.

This he has coined as the “NEW YENDI CITY which he said, a new Yendi City isn’t about high rise buildings, but having a Yendi that should be able to boast of easy access to basic amenities like ; Schools,hospitals,football pitches,Potable Water, good road networks, traffic lights and proper sanitation.

This project has kept Yendi in the news because almost every hour of his day is spent in thoughts of what next and as well executions of those that are already planned.

This has drawn some of us from other constituencies to admire him the more and even left us questioning what our decades of being in scorching sun to vote for our representatives has actually brought us. The years and resource availability doesn’t match the results. But then we can only hope to have many constituencies get true representations like him. People that can actually move out their comfort zones seeking for development partners in order to lessen the development burden of their places on central government. That is the only way we can have a total development of this nation.

The stories of his late father, the first noble Vice President( Rest In Peace ) which we do hear as well points to many philanthropic works of him and in my view if history should repeat itself I think we should expect the same thing again.

Hon May your service to your people pay, you are living a life that should make them proud of and I hope they see this and make your reign last long.
Baba Waala

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