Health Minister designate assures payment of front line workers

Health Minister designate assures payment of front line workers

Health Minister designate and MP for Dormaa, Kwaku Agyemang Manu has assured payment of all frontline workers who risk their lives in these dire times of covid 19.
The former Health Minister designate admitted to the delay in the payment of allowances to the health workers and assures of their payment by the close of this week. He has therefore charged all health facility managers to review the list of all these front liners as there have been a system of incoherency in their data collection being the reason for the delay.
The MP for Dormaa was the immediate past Minister for Health under the 2016 Akuffo Addo government is current undergoing vetting for the same position.
The Ghana Health Service on their recent update on February 10, 2021 records 73, 003 confirmed cases of the disease in Ghana with 482 deaths and 65, 583 recoveries with about 8, 000 active cases all being cared for by the front line workers in our various health facilities. In various debated issues there have been controversies on who qualifies to be called a front line worker.
Many have argued on giving exclusive reference to doctors, nurses and the covid 19 contact tracing team for being persons whose lives are on the line but are they the only health personnel who are risking their lives? What about the ward genitors, the mortuary attendants and the team responsible for burying covid 19 patients? Don’t they also qualify as frontline workers? Provisions have to be made for all these workers as they are also risking their lives in the service of the nation.
Reports have it that health facilities in the country are running out of space for its patients due to the drastic increase of cases of the pandemic. It is therefore important that Ghanaians heed to caution and abide by all these laid down sanctions, measure and protocols to help curb the pandemic.

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