Has Akufo-Addo Passed His Biggest Test as a Leader? – Musbau Razak

Has Akufo-Addo Passed His Biggest Test as a Leader?

I have been closely observing the conversation and campaigns in the few days to the election in Ghana. It does appear, unlike the USA, the management of Covid-19 haven’t been a contentious political discourse in Ghana. There are those who say, Trump lost the election largely because of his management of the pandemic. When you listen to Biden and Harris campaign messages, it was all they talked about. So far in the run up to the election in Ghana, the opposition have not been able to make any political capital out of its management. We haven’t heard criticism and bashing of the leadership for handling of the pandemic. Arguably, it appears the consensus is that, for the biggest challenge in the life of this Government, the pandemic, they scored an A. They have been excellent.

In the beginning, we had mistrusts. We were skeptical about almost every decision.
Especially, whether it was wise to lift the lockdown. Then whether it was wise to allow the children return to school to write their exams. Some actually said, about half of the children will die like fowls by the time they are done with their exams.
We were called to follow the example of Nigeria who cancelled their examination, but who eventually reversed their decision to get their students to write.

Amid all the skepticism, the leader required of us to trust to him. Of course, many still didn’t because, maybe, he was just another African leader; who are not to be trusted. More so, we have an opposition who were extremely and understandably critical, sowing seeds of mistrust every day.

But, at the end of the day, it does appear, there is a general consensus that, the leader have performed creditably relative to covid-19 management. Protecting lives and livelihood. Despite the 300+ people we have lost, there have been over 50,000 recoveries with our active cases around 700+ at the moment. Reliefs of all kinds have been provided to cushion the ordinary Ghanaian and the big business tycoons in the country. The media, the arts, heath workers almost everyone have had some support.

I believe, in the life of every leader, there comes a major challenge, probably the best test of your leadership quality. And all leaders in the world, I believe, underwent this test with the outbreak of the pandemic. How well they were going to manage the pandemic to protect lives and livelihood was indeed the test. In the case of this government, so far, they have passed. Even according to a University of Ghana survey, a number of Ghanaians agree that they have performed well in the handling of the pandemic.

The Akufo-Addo government have truly not been a perfect government. It just didn’t get everything right. But two things have stood out, its sensitivity and commitment to resolving the basic challenges of its people. We’ve seen some progress and we are overcoming if not overcomed, the biggest challenge this country has ever faced, the covid19 pandemic. And for that, I’m satisfied for the call for continuity.

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