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GIJ’s Allows too Little Space for Arts – Ghaxty Jii

GIJ’s Allows too Little Space for Arts – Ghaxty Jii

The indie singer who is staging a comeback from a long hiatus made this assessment during an interview on the virtual Villa Hut Show, hosted by fellow artiste and pataapa.com editor YPa. Ghaxty showed up on the whatsapp based segment to promote his upcoming song (which not so coincidentally features YPa) when he was asked about how he perceived the music scene on campus.

According to Ghaxty, one would expect a media dominating school like GIJ to keep keen tabs on the young entertainers in there hoping to nurture their talents and craft. That’s not the case however since the student body seems quite preoccupied with something else.

“Aww for GIJ any music artist who hasn’t experienced the environment yet is likely to believe that GIJ could be one of the [tertiary institutions] that can actually help him or her nurture his or her craft but it is each one for himself here.”

Ghaxty scoffed, then continued,

The school actually doesn’t create much of such an atmosphere; very little. The dominant mood of GIJ is Politics. Yeah that’s how I see it.

He did not just leave it at that. “Definitely the music scene, for GIJ, can be improved and it will be very easy considering the school being a communication school and the media vibe they possess”.

Do you agree with him? Are GIJ’s artistes being drowned with politics?

Ghaxty’s new song “Phone Call” is expected to be released this week and from what we know so far, it might set quite the tone for Val’s day; fingers crossed.

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