Foh Amoaning urges Government to close down LGBT office

Foh Amoaning urges Government to close down LGBT office

Legal practitioner and Anti-Gay rights activist Moses Foh Amoaning has petitioned government to shut down a new LGBT office in Accra.
He sought to petition government after the association of LGBT organised a fund raising activity with the attendance of several diplomats including the Australian High Commissioner who pledged to provide support to the group in a tweet “Thanks for the invitation @LGBTRights Ghana. Human Rights and dignity belong to every person on the planet. They are universal, indivisible and inalienable. Australia is proud to support LGBTIQ+rights”.
Mr. Foh Amoaning stated “The presidency, the ministry of foreign affairs and the IGP have every right to close it down immediately and arrest and prosecute those people involved in it”. He added “the constitution chapter that deals with Fundamental Human rights and freedom is pretty clear, it talks about discrimination against race, colour, sex and religious matters. It never talks about the standard physiology which is normally used for LGBT rights, that is a sexual orientation, we don’t have it in our constitution”.
The anti-gay rights activists further expressed that the law will set in and permanently eradicate their activities “we will put the appropriate petitions before Parliament for the immediate passage of a comprehensive legislation and then we will prohibit their motion.”
Mr. Foh Amoaning has always expressed his displeasure on LGBT associations and activities wherever he comes across it and is frequently spotted speaking against any activity in association with LGBT movement. He has embarked on several call on the government to refuse any form of engagements that will legalise and give a greater advantage to gay movement in the country.

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