E/R : Farmers day celebration at Asikesu, Carpenter Wins Best Farmer in New Juaben North.

E/R : Farmers day celebration at Asikesu, Carpenter Wins Best Farmer in New Juaben North.

New juaben North Municipal Assembly celebrated it 36th Farmers Day celebration at Asikesu a village in the Eastern region.

Nananom, The member of Parliament for New juaben North Nana Agyei Boateng and the Municipal Chief executive Ms Comfort Asante was present at the program.

Addressing the Farmers and people of new juaben North, the Municipal Agriculture Director Mr. Courage Narh said the flagship program which was introduced by Nana Akuffo Addo is the reason why we are having plenty foodstuffs at the market during the time of COVID-19.

He said planting for food and Jobs was the reason why Ghana couldn’t face any challenge when the climate changes messed up.

Mr Courage Narh reiterated that the NPP Government has massively transformed Agri business so each and everyone should make good use of it.

He urge people of new juaben north to get in touch with agric extension Officers so that they will know how to tackle any challenges in the farming Industry.

The Member of Parliament for New juaben north constituency, Hon. Nana Agei boateng who doubles as minister of local government and Rural development said we would have die out of hunger if not for the sake of farmers in times of CORONAVIRUS.

He said because of the hard work of president Akuffo Addo , Agriculture minister and the local government Mistry is the reason we still have enough foodstuffs even during Covid-19.

He added that Npp’s Planting for food and jobs has boost agric sector.

They will be implementing Planting for export and rural development to boost both agric and rural areas.

The MP said Nana Addo’s good governance has reduce the price of fertilizer and has increased the price of Cocoa to motive farmers in the farming business.

The municipal chief executive of New juaben north

Nana Addo has fulfill all his promises when it comes , education, health and Agriculture.

She said People should make sure youngsters will benefit from Free SHS policy. The farming is good though but the young ones are our future so we should make sure they benefit from the SHS flagship program.

Government has provided 16000 seedlings for farmers in the municipality and within one week will go and distribute it free to the farmers.

Without farmers we wont be able to feel comfortable during this period of pandemic coronavirus.

Due to planting for food and jobs we were able to transport foodstuffs like plantain to UK,TOGO, BURKINA, IVORY COAST etc.

Governamet idea is to provide good quality result for the people of Ghana.

She added “The 2nd runner up AFI ADWODI won a Mountain bicycle, spraying machine, 2bags of fertilizer and a safety boot.”

1st runner up Clement owusu won Motorcycle, spraying machine , safety boot and 3bags of fertilizer.

The winner George Kennedji won a tricycle, spraying machine, cloths and t bags of fertilizer.

He urge everyone to engage in the farming business because it has helped him to build his self contain house.

He stopped his carpentry business and ventured into agri business.

Story by

Kamal Ahmed

Asikesu , E/R

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