E/R : Fanteakwa South NDC holds One week Observation for Former President J.J. Rawlings.

E/R : Fanteakwa South NDC holds One week Observation for Former President J.J. Rawlings.

E/R : Fanteakwa South NDC holds One week Observation for Former President J.J. Rawlings.

The Opposition National Democratic Congress NDC in the Fanteakwa south district of the Eastern region held One Week Observation for the Late Flight  Leiuthenant Jerry John Rawlings.

The event came off at osino the district capital of Fanteakwa south and it was held in remembering the founder of the Party. 

E/R : Fanteakwa South NDC holds One week Observation for Former President J.J. Rawlings.

The Constituency Chairman Mr. MARK OKRAKU said the reason behind the one week observation is to let everyone knows what the Late president Rawlings has done for the constituency.  

He said in the year 1999, when Hon  patience Addo was the Eastern regional Minister and Samuel Ofosu Ampofo was the deputy,  president Rawlings came and comission Electricity project which he provided to the people of Akyem Hemang. 


He revealed that except osino and Nsutem, all the towns in the Fanteakwa south got Electricity from the late president president. 

However, the First Farmers day that was celebrate in Ghana was held at Osino the district capital.  

Mark okraku entreated all NDC members and sympathizers to  let the death of J.J. Rawlings Ginger them so that they can work harder to win 2020 polls to acknowledge and  their Founder the late J.J Rawlings Proud where ever he is.  

He lamented that the one week observation was to show the love they have for him, Rawlings was a very kindhearted man with Strategic talent.   

Richard Fred  Kwashie Jnr  the Parliamentary Candidate for Fanteakwa south on the Ticket of NDC said Rawlings was a saviour to mother Ghana.  

He said when the Economy was sliding into ditch,  he came and  rescue us from it. 

During that time our economy was in shambles which  we were unable to transport our cocoa beans out of the country. 

He said comparing Rawlings Regime to that of  Nana akuffo Addo, Nana  is crashing the economy with excessive Borrowing looking at our Gross domestic product GDP and if care is not taken we will suffer.  

He added that Is only NDC Government that can rescue ghana when Ghana was in mess, Rawlings came and took us from it and this is the time we must give the Opportunity to John mahama.   

John and Jane are ever ready to move Ghana from it Nana Addo’s Hipc Government. 

The Assembly member for ofuase – Nkatease Electoral Area who doubles as NDC Constituency Youth Organizer Hon. Shadrack Ofosu Ware said the Late president Rawlings did a massive task for Ghana during his tenure in office as the president. 

He said President Rawlings shed his blood for nation during june 4th the time people went to exile in  Nigeria because of the Hardship in the country. 

He revealed that without NDC government Democracy would have been something Else.

From 1992 – 2000 Rawlings ruled and governance is about continuation. 

Rawlings handed over peacefully to Ex president kuffour when he won.    

He added that Ghanaina should access achievements of both Nana Addo and John Mahama before they goes to the polls on December 7 2020. 

Let vote for someone who thinks about the nation not someone who will cause Mayhem.

Donald Trump lost US election and so As Akuffo Addo will be loosing.  

When he loose, he should hand over peacefully.  We need peace.  


kamal Ahmed 

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