‘Dumsor Is Dumsor, Admit And Fix It’ – John Dumelo Goes Hard On Akufo-Addo Over Power Crisis

Multiple award-winning actor cum politician, John Setor Dumelo has vented his frustrations over President Akufo-Addo’s led government following recent irregular power supply.

Ghana has been experiencing serious power outages nationwide especially in recent times and this has led to many Ghanaians calling on GRIDCo to come out with timetable.

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On Monday, April 12, there was yet another power outages in some parts of the nation, but GRIDCo in press statement explained that some transmission line caused the power outages.

But due to the intervention of the company’s technical team, “they were able to fix the transmission network within 30- minutes”.

Following the irregular power supply or Dumsor, if you like to call it, John Dumelo has told President Akufo-Addo to admit the current power crisis is dumsor and they should roll out a timetable for Ghanaians to plan their lives and businesses.

According to the actor, the irregular power supply is becoming more than Ghanaians can bare, hence there is a need for the government to admit it’s dumsor.

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Posting a black background, he captioned it, Whether it’s insufficient power generation or it’s inefficient distribution of power, dumsor is dumsor! The excuses for the power outages are becoming one too many. Don’t be shy to admit it’s Dumsor. Give us a timetable and let’s plan our lives and businesses around it. Thank you.

Source: Pataapa.com
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