Do not Vote for your party, vote for the well being of our poor people – Baba Waala

Do not Vote for your party, vote for the well being of our poor people – Baba Waala

Do not Vote for your party, vote for the well being of our poor people - Baba Waala
Do not Vote for your party, vote for the well being of our poor people – Baba Waala

…and she said “before the Dam was constructed,we suffered a lot,we used to travel far to fetch water just to cook at the farm. But now we are thankful we can fetch and cook with ease”

As you prepare to cast your vote come December 7th,be reminded there’s a poor peasant farmer in the village that is a single mother with 2 of her kids in SHS and they couldn’t have been there without FSHS.

Remember this woman is a farmer and need constant flow of water from a Dam to continually be in farming to feed herself and her children when they return home on holidays and for other house up keep. This she can only get from the NPP 1V1D initiative.

Remember this woman need fertilizer to help increase yield at a reduced input cost because she’s aged and have no better income. This she can only get from the NPP PFJ fertilizer at a reduced price and can be gotten on credit as well and paid after selling produce or even paid with the produce.

Remember this woman upon falling sick will need health care and can’t afford the high cost of it unless through health Insurance. This health insurance instituted by NPP almost met its collapse under NDC. Be reminded the NPP is helping revamp it and cast your vote well.

Remember this woman has another son going entering into tertiary and will need a student loan facility to help pay fees. This he can only access with the ‘Ghana Card’ NPP issued and nothing more needed.

Remember her sister’s son completed Tertiary over 6yrs and only now have a job under NABCO and earning to cater for himself and the burden off the family.

Remember in their compound are many other women into Sheanut gathering and processing and need factory to sell these to and also for it to serve as employment avenue. The NPP 1D1F has built one just close to them in Nakore Community in the Wa Municipality. Ready market for their Sheanuts and 1000s of jobs to be created. Vote well so this factory isn’t collapsed like many others under NDC.

Be reminded there are many other neighbors of her now that are employed on the Cashew Plantation fields and need stay in job to feed their families.This can only be possible by voting well to keep the NPP in power.

This years election isn’t about Voting for People to Correct their mistakes,it’s about saving the successes chalked so far that are benefiting our people. It’s about Ghana’s forward match. It’s not about where I belong but who makes you belong.

Vote knowing a poor woman’s child too need be in school. A graduate need get a job. A farmer need fertilizer. A Tertiary student need a quick way to getting loan to pay fees.A nurse trainee need allowances for her upkeep. A pure water seller need a business support of some Gh500 to boost her business.

Vote having at the back of your mind that we suffered under incompetence for about 8yrs,paid high tariffs and slept in darkness. Paid fees of wards and they completed with no postings and vote knowing your vote can make or unmake Ghana. Had teachers that worked for 3yrs and only paid 3months salary.

Baba Waala

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