Dear Newly Trained Teachers, this is just a short advice for you


this is just a short advice. (A short advise is like a mini skirt. It may be short but it covers the most important part of the body)

I know you wish the appointment you are waiting for should be your permanent posting but dont worry, just like the out programme, this too shall pass.

As you await your posting, I want us to have this sensitive discussion. I know I am in no position to tell you what you should do with your life but I think I qualify to advise you as a brother and friend.

I may not be too old in the fraternity but my few years of experience has revealed to me that, the way a teacher thinks, approaches work, behaves towards colleagues and students when he is serving in a school for only a year or two is different from when he knows that he will stay there till only God knows when. The same can be said about a teacher who has been assured of transfer within the shortest possible time.

This two categories of teachers live in the moment. They either behave too nicely or very carelessly knowing that they will leave anytime soon. They put extraordinary energy in everything they do be it the good or the bad.

When they are nice once who are extra hardworking polite and caring attracts the admiration of both colleague teachers and students alike. It even breads envy and jealousy sometimes. It is easier for students to miss and remember these teachers. In the worst case scenario, the nice ones sometimes allow students to get too close to them which mostly leads to disrespect and sexual misconduct. On the other hand, the careless ones do all the unprofessional stuffs you can think of. They take revenge if they wish especially those going on transfer. They care less about what anybody says, after all, they are leaving.

I am sure we are on the same page by now.

Now, here is the case that you are about to do yet another year with similar mindset. The only difference here is that, the former was for marks and the later is for money. There is the tendency to repeat whatever it is that you did during out programme. Yes.

So, the long and short of what I want to tell you is that, whatever you do consistently for a long time is likely to become your habit. Therefore, be careful the kind of teacher you are training yourself to become. Aim for professionalism. Don’t go about setting a standard that you cannot keep. Stop pretending. Be yourself and be real. This is yet another opportunity to gather more experience for the future. Tell you what, experience makes the teaching work easier and enjoyable.

Open your mind and let experience teach you and can be sure to hit the ground running. I wish to sign out here. (The mind is like an umbrella, it only becomes useful if you open it.) In my next letter, I will be discussing some of the things that are expected of you as a service personnel. ANTICIPATE.

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Hon. Jerry Akporhor
Lead Educator -Informed Teachers Network

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