Dear Men, Don’t Waste Your Time On A Girl That Is Showing You These 5 Signs

As  a man, to avoid been taken for granted and not  to waste your resources on a girl, you should be quick observant.

A quick observant in the sense that, you will be able to tell if a girl truly loves you or she is trying to fake it.

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We all want to sow what we can reap and no one wishes to waste their  precious time on someone that doesn’t know their worth.

There are some little signs one needs not neglect most especially when you’re in a relationship. Because little things  turn into big things and before you know it, it will become something you can’t control.

Dear, men don’t waste your time and money on a girl that is showing you these 5 signs below;

1.   If a girl is always  hiding you from her friends and family.

Once a girl is keeping you from her friends and family, it shows she doesn’t love you. Girls are always excited and won’t hesitate to brag about their lovers in front of others.

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But if your girl is hiding you from others, stop wasting your time and money on her.

2. If she doesn’t return your texts or calls

There is no way a girl could be that busy that she will find it hard to return your call or text. If she doesn’t return your call or texts, you’re only wasting your time and money on her, she doesn’t love you at all.

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On the contrary, a girl that loves you will always be eager to hear your voice, see your text, and won’t take long to return your calls or texts if at all she misses it.

3. If she is not making any plans to meet you

A girl that loves you will always be happy and eager to meet with you, but if the case is vice versa, she doesn’t love you as she claims. If all she does is keep you waiting and never shows up if you plan to meet, she is only playing with you.

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As a man, you shouldn’t waste your time and money on a girl that is not making any effort to meet with you.

4. If she doesn’t make time for you

If she never reaches out to you to make plans.

5. If she keeps everything anonymous and she never asks about your opinion before she does everything, just know you’re not the one she loves.

This   article is someone’s opinion, do you agree or disagree? Let us know your thoughts at the comment box below.


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