CEO of GhCCI fumes over work of Shoddy Contractors

CEO of GhCCI fumes over work of Shoddy Contractors

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Chamber of Construction Industry (GhCCI) Mr. Emmanuel Cherry has expressed his displeasure among contractors who present shoddy road works on the tag of the government.
Mr Emmanuel Cherry in an interview with Uniq FM revealed that contractors are normally awarded contracts based on the qualification of an individual readily available for the contract or the best bidder for a contract in a situation where two or more are equally interested. He however explained that the proper execution of the contract is dependent on the financial resources available and, or the skills and technical know-how exhibited.
“With the shoddy works we’re talking about, it’s imperative, number 1: the shoddy work has been genuine shoddy work in the sense that the contractor doesn’t have the technical know-how of dealing with the job. Number 2: it could be that the contractor has the know-how but the awarding agency also failed to follow its obligation according to the contractual terms.
In order to put a check and a stop to the contractors who execute poor road networks, a major issue in almost every community, the CEO laid down plans being undertaken.
“Notwithstanding, there are other shoddy ones that we can speak to, those ones we are going to deal with them in no time, he added “For now, the system is so porous that anybody just gets up and start calling himself contractor because there’s no proper regulation in place so al the professionals, the build environment operators, we have come together to say okay since we have engineering acts, sovereign council bill is also on the way now hoping to be passed, now with the contractors we didn’t have any regulation so what we have decided to do is to come up with an authority, if that regulation is passed automatically you cannot just get up and call yourself a contractor without recourse to the requisite licenses and classification.”

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