Baba Waala Writes: Welcome To GIJ Where Poverty Is A Crime


Welcome to my school where when the whole of Ghana and several other students were calling on government to scrap the payment of fees or to subsidize it for students because of the Covid trauma on businesses that possibly will harden the system and making most people unable to pay fees, my school chose to do the most odd by increasing the fees. Despite several complains but compliance was what was reached because students had no option.

My school is where a dot of mistake made to be corrected can take them a whole semester to correct it. My school is where you have the most insensitive system,not because they ‘want’ to but because the student front (SRC ) created that enabling environment for them to do as they wish.

So this where we are, we are presented with a system where the least of a slip makes you a prey of that system. A system where poverty is a crime. A system where the struggling masses aren’t factored in decision makings. Sometimes are wonder whether our systems are ran by computerized systems. Systems that have no feel of emotions for the people. A system of no sympathy.

I wonder how anyone who’s being through the Ghanaian educational system where headmasters and some teachers needfully take up fees of some poor students or even pardon them through because they can’t pay but need get the needed education to make them better people. Today we are here not pleading to be left to have it free but have to fight to make a way for ourselves after paying the extravagant fees charged and the only crime is that it’s been paid late.

Most irritating and heartbreaking an institution that is supposed to be one of a Communication doesn’t know the due time to release some informations. The little we’ve learnt has inculcated in us that timing is an essential thing in content. Yet the very people nursing us on this are missing that point. Wouldn’t it have been heart warming that students to be victims of this insensitivity had been informed earlier of it, so they exonerate themselves from the trauma of assignments, IAs and group works. Wouldn’t it have been enough preparing grounds if you made the victims know weeks to exams and not hours.

I don’t blame them anyway, I blame the systems,.A system where we rose against government making moves to bring universities under an umbrella of some level of ‘control’. Maybe there would have been a regulation of how much universities can charge. Maybe they could be an order of who can be denied. I blame the loss of humanity in humans. A whole university leadership takes such decision knowing no one wills to be poor. Knowing we aren’t seeking a fee free system but a pardon from people of similar poor origins and we can’t get. People easily forget where they come from when it becomes rosy. I’ll be surprised if there’s none amongst the executive board that has had issues of fee payment and understand the toils many go through to have their fees paid.

This is where we are, students who are affected are more traumatized. More confused, this can even cause them their whole almost brighter future. There are some in Gij after some delays due to lack of financial muscles. Would even be more traumatized as they are about facing another delay. And here we are, prevented to even make our way inside the school premises to register our displeasure towards management decision. A communication school that presents no dialogue table. A communication school that deliberately refuse to understand that fear emanates because of fear between people, and that fear do exist because of lack of communication.

Maybe we can only cry, wail,be broken, wipe our tears, and watch our brothers or sisters perish because their crime is being poor. Maybe we can as students choose to rebel by joining them striking against the semester exams if they aren’t granted the opportunity. We can choose to ignore thinking it’s okay since we aren’t the affected. But there’s one surety, like my people say, when you chopping the legs of a frog,you are coming to its head. Surely someday,should they make away with this, they shall take a decision that will affect even those that meet all requirements.

Poverty is a big crime is my campus.
It’s sad, disturbing,worrying,heartbreaking and a threat.
I’m out with tears
Baba Waala

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