Baba Waala Writes: Please Read My First Letter On Appointments Mr President


Good morning President elect,Your Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-AddoNana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. I come to you with victory wave,and seasonal greeting.You’ve been to our homes about 20times, permit me into your good office just once for some few minutes. I know you don’t have the luxury of time to sit on the letter of ‘political commoner’ like me but I hope those who have that luxury and close to you help reecho my concerns to your right ear.

It may be possible for one to think too much of his own potential glory but it is hardly possible for him to think too often or too deeply about that of his neighbor. But there are people whose glory made us grow the will to lift their load, or weight, or burden. Loads so heavy that only humility can carry it,and we don’t even care it can break our backs as we proudly carry them.

It’s in this backdrop that you won our passion of service daily here,you won our respect,our time,and everything of us and why we’ve carried your load decades ago running along with you shoulders on from 2008 into 2020 and still on. In your days of search for victory we shielded you taking the insults, the threats and risks through to our resounding victory in 2016.

As Rachel Cohn said ; The reward is in the risk. Sadly We never had any reward directly of the high risk we took, the load we carried on our back breaking it but we still held on steadfastly through to 2020 and God being so good we’ve had another victory. A victory necessary to safeguard our gains but one I know you aren’t too proud of because of the discouraging scores of parliamentary seats. We’ve heard from rumors you aren’t too happy. Sir “it has a why” on why the list of seats. We open a whole page for that someday,But commonsensical,it was because most didn’t serve the very purpose of their being in positions and is what need be addressed in next appointments going forward.

As I said it may be possible for each of us thinking too much of his potential glory but hard to think of others yet we have people who’s won our passion to carry their load like you won us, similarly there’s a man of humility, respect, care and love of the people that has won our hearts even more. He served with competence, hardwork,and generosity at his outfit and served the needs of the youth passionately making him win the admiration of many even beyond the walls of the elephant family. He’s become a “god” of most of the youth most especially across the northern sector and can be the party’s route to winning more souls.

So I am not here to talk of myself but of him. He’s why despite the distance between us and you,the anger and apathy we held because of ill treatments from party executives through to government appointees, we still had a believe things will get better someday. Mr President it was with believe that made it possible when you held on still from the 2000s when you wanted to be flagbearer through to 2008 when you lost, and again lost in 2012 before our victory in 2016. So for anyone to make a success and get the people along the rough routes to the destination, you must make them believe in something.

We the youth of the party today have a believe that, with the dedicated service, the service with humility and humanity, the diligence and generosity of service with which our most revered chief, the Chief Executive officer of National Food and Buffer Stock, Chief Abdul-wahab Hanan Aludiba served in helping make buffer stock be on its feet serving beyond its expected mandate, also with the passion with which the concerns of the party youth were made his focus,if well positioned in a place of many opportunities in pursuit of serving the needs of the youth whose whims make the order of the day, we hopefully will be able to win many more of the believe of the youth that the NPP party is a party for them and can help us emerge more victorious in subsequent polls.

Mr President, I know it takes competence for one to be able to hire the service of fellow competent men to achieve your dream, so i don’t doubt your ability to do that, but as we hold same dreams and destiny as patriots,I wish to add my voice in helping you fish out those who served better and need continue with you.

One thing is crystal clear to any who had his ears on the ground and eyes in front that ,your victory accompanied with Our loss in many parliamentary seats was to reecho the need to kill the apathy created due to the neglect of party faithfuls by appointees and many of our parliamentarians. The people loved the party but hated most of those running affairs for you because of their selfishness, self centered, greedy and unsatisfactory desire to Command every proceed of government to themselves. So the people knowing you delivered wholeheartedly saw the need to reward you but punish them which sadly indirectly has a bigger pain on you because of the hectic decision making processes you’ll have to go through.

The desire of many of your people were to amass wealth to the detriment of the party’s growth and its mostly because many who had party positions weren’t part of the struggle. I doubt if anyone will allow what he or she helped build to break down.So to help curb this going forward positions of service aside competency you focus more on the men who were at service through the victory struggle.

I remember Chief Abdul Hanan Aludiba some time ago in his tours across the northern regions to help revive the youth loyalty in a meeting with us in Upper west said “ I am a CEO not just because of my qualification, but because the party Npp is in power, if it were about my competency why wasn’t I there when JM was President, so the victory of the party is what can keep me there to serve you all”. All who didn’t even hear him on this, can still see that silent whisper of these words in his passionate service. He’s lived by this principle and has proven our victory is what matters to him. He’s solved many a youth challenges, he’s donated in service to party, he’s become the ‘political Jesus’ of many of us and reason we believe in NPP and your government.

Mr President, you need reward this man with a ministerial position, I don’t know which and I can’t tell you which, but I think that won’t just be a reward to him but a pivotal point to help oil a more functioning front that will help your government win the admiration of many a youth. Any position to him will be an echo that your party and government rewards hard work, loyalty and results oriented people and that will let many others want to deliver and that is what will inure to the benefit of the party, government and nation.

I share in the wise saying of our waala old men that, the hoe that went to farm is the one that should have a share of what’s harvested. Chief Hanan in my view and with that of thousand others I know deserves a higher ranking position that can position well in pursuit of what your government seeks to achieve as service to the people. He’s proven beyond all reasonable doubts and has won even the hearts of many in the other political divides because of his kindness and humility in service. A politician in my view makes no impact if you can’t win a soul of well thinking minds to your side. He’s won many souls and a reward will make him win more and push others to see the need to deliver.

Mr President any appointment done that sadly wouldn’t include this man will be the 5th wonder I’ve seen in politics and can break my believe and loyalty to the party and that of many others. I’ll doubt if it’s really worth it to sacrifice. I hope we don’t reward lobbyist and sell out positions. It caused us a lot and I doubt if any one who want to see the elephant family growing from grace to glory would advise such to repeat.

We must learn to give positions to people whose hearts beat for our party, government and nation and Mr Hanan Aludiba is one of the few Patriots I know with this trait.

Mr President, I’ll like to end my many concerns here with a successful wish of your swearing in and service with ease on your next government.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.
Office of the President
Chief Of Staff
Baba Waala
( PRO – NPP UWR Youth Wing )

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