All I Said About Mahama And Tracey Were Jokes – Hon Kennedy Agyapong


All I Said About Mahama And Tracey Were Jokes – Hon Kennedy Agyapong
Hon. Kennedy says his comments this whole time about Tracey boakye and former president Mahama were all jokes.

He said that he understands any man is bound to fall victim of a woman troubles and for that matter he won’t be the one to judge them if they do.

He states that while addressing some Npp fans at a campaign, he jokingly brought up Tracey and Mahama situation and he was surprised the Ex president coming hard on him.

According to the MP he was just joking about Tracey saga circulating about her blackmailing the Ex president for a huge Maison.

“Whatever happens to a man, shouldn’t be something to be joked about, because, it could happen to anyone”, he said. And he also states that, “Tracey should have a sense of humor and stop taking this too personal and serious because he was only joking”

He made these statement in an interview on Asaase Tv. He added, as an MP ladies are bound to get attracted to him in one way or the other.

However, Hon Kennedy said one must be wise enough to not fall for their blackmails.

“I would know after a few days if a woman came close to be an their utmost intention was to make money of me or blackmail me.


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