Abbey Pobbi Advise ‘football People’ To Use ‘CS’ To Avoid Disruption On The New Season

Veteran Football administrator, Mr. Jonathan Abbey Pobbi has advised the Ghana Football Association to take into consideration major issues that can halt the start of the new season.

According to Mr. Pobbi, the GFA should be proactive and deal with emerging issues and use ‘Common Sense’ to organize themselves well to prevent any disruption on the much anticipated season.

“Black Stars will play on the 12th of November, next day we are starting the Ghana Premier League. Is it proper? So with regards to certain things, let’s use our CS[Common Sense] to organize ourselves. This is common sense.”

Cape Coast high court, early last month ordered the GFA to expel premiership side Ebusua Dwarfs for refusing to pay a long-standing debt to lower-division Great Liverpool  FC.

However, the FA is yet to react to the matter, which will result in contempt of court if they fail to do so, as well as several sanctions including an injunction on the forthcoming league.

“We have heard about Ebusua Dwarfs[Court  Case]. Now, what are we doing? Because Ebusua Dwarfs belong to an association, would the GFA accept and expel Dwarfs? So we have issues. ”  Mr. Abbey Pobbi told Angel FM in Kumasi

“Therefore, with the minor-minor issues, we plead with the football people to organize everything well. I am praying that we would start the league with no alarming issues. That is is why I am saying that if there is anything that needs attention then we should see to it before we start. ”



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